• Bienvenido a Circuitos Taurinos

    Shorty walked along the path toward the lodge. Suddenly the large figure of a man loomed up before him, standing motionless, on guard, in the road. 

    "Into anything to put in the time?"Gestionamos las plazas de toros de Zaragoza, Gijn, Zamora, Colmenar Viejo, Aranjuez y Navaluenga. Te invitamos a disfrutar de la emocin del toreo en nuestras ferias.

    Shorty glanced listlessly from the head of the table toward the foot. There his eye rested on the Second Lieutenant for a minute, and then he muttered to himself, "No, he's no worse than the rest ought to be on me," and shook his head in answer to the Judge-Advocate's formal question.Creemos que una tarde de toros debe ser una experiencia para el espectador y procuramos que la disfrute en un entorno cuidado con los mejores carteles y con las figuras del momento.

    But it was useless to expect either Mrs. Backfield or Naomi to appreciate the momentousness of his task. Were women always, he wondered, without ambition?[Pg 56] However, though they did not sympathise, they would not oppose himNaomi because she was not skilful at opposition, his mother because he was gradually taking the place of Harry in her heart. 

    Los toros son la fiesta ms culta que hay hoy en el mundo.

    Monty scratched his head to think of something appropriate, and then occurred to him Webster's great speech in defense of the union, which was then a favorite in the schools. 

    Federico Garca Lorca


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